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2018 Senate District 1 and Assembly District 42 Special Elections

The Governor ordered special elections in State Senate District 1 in northeast Wisconsin and Assembly District 42 in south central Wisconsin to fill the seats held by the Senator Frank Lasee and Representative Keith Ripp, who resigned.

Primary Election: Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Unofficial primary results are available from county clerk websites.

Special Election: Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Find out if you live in a district with a special election at the MyVote Wisconsin website and see what's on your ballot.

Candidates on Primary Ballot-SD-1.pdf91.24 KB
Candidates on Primary Ballot AD-42.pdf90.11 KB
May 15 Election Reporting Units.xlsx21.11 KB
Pronunciation Guide for Special Primaries-includes independent candidate.xls58.5 KB
Candidates Tracking By Office SD-1 (as of 4.19.18).pdf80.78 KB
Nomination Paper Tracking SD-1.pdf86.86 KB
Supplemental Nomination Papers SD-1.pdf88.85 KB
Candidates Tracking By Office-AD 42 (as of 4.17.18 5pm).pdf9.57 KB
Nomination Paper Tracking AD-42.pdf15.68 KB
Supplemental Nomination Papers AD-42.pdf13.02 KB
Type A Notice-Sen 1.pdf507.89 KB
Type A Notice-Assm 42.pdf508.04 KB
EO #280 Special Elections for the 1st Senate and 42nd Assembly.pdf492.68 KB
SD-1 AD-42 Special Election Calendar - 4-13-2018.pdf54.96 KB